Photo of Mary

Mary Petrilena, Owner

Photo of Tori

Tori Lorenzetti, General Manager

Photo of Lauren

Lauren DiMaggio, Customer Service Manager

Customer Service

Photo of Emma

Emma Harris, Receptionist

Photo of Mara

Mara, Receptionist


Photo of Sophia

Sophia Hill, Advanced Esthetician

Photo of Heather

Heather Tolson, Advanced Esthetician

Photo of Ayla

Ayla Pike, Advanced Esthetician

Photo of Tiffany

Tiffany Hill, Advanced Esthetician

Photo of Beth John

Beth John, Spray Tanning

Photo of Delani

Delani Smock, Spray Tanning

Photo of Farrah

Farrah Abolghasemi,

Photo of Suzette

Suzette Bennett,
Permanent Makeup Artist

Salon Stylists

Photo of Dorlon

Dorlon Peckham

Photo of Alan

Alan Almada

Photo of Todd

Todd Thompson

Photo of Brittani

Brittani Follett

Photo of Debbie

Debbie Thompson

Photo of Luca

Luca Lueamrung

Photo of Jill

Jill Wombacher

Photo of Andrea

Andrea Marshall

Photo of Kelli

Kelli Flores

Photo of Amelia

Amelia Thomason

Photo of Maggie

Maggie Kerr

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Photo of a woman getting her hair shampooed at a salon


An Appointment

The friendly and qualified staff at POSH await to assist in making your visit to our salon and spa one to remember. Connect with us in Reno by calling 775-826-7674 or filling out our online form. We will follow up to book your appointment and officially welcome you to the POSH family!


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